Allstate HQ Office

Allstate, one of the world’s largest insurance companies, has a major office in Belfast. The company’s management wanted to create a festive atmosphere for the upcoming Christmas season, and they approached JMD Illumination, a leading company in the field of lighting and decoration, to design and install Christmas decorations at their Belfast offices. The project involved the installation of five Christmas trees on each of the five floors, each with a different theme, as well as an interactive grotto display with a golden throne, and a display scene for the staff communal area.

The project posed several challenges for JMD Illumination. Firstly, the client had a specific vision for the decoration, which had to be met, while keeping in mind the overall aesthetic of the office building. Secondly, the installation had to be completed in a short amount of time, with minimal disruption to the staff and clients. Lastly, the design had to be safe and meet all fire and safety regulations.

JMD Illumination came up with a unique and creative solution to meet the client’s vision for the Christmas decoration. The team designed six Christmas trees and bespoke gift boxes for the reception and 5 floors, each with a different theme, including royal blue & silver, traditional red & gold, luxury gold, turquoise, snowflakes, and a unique  . The team also designed an interactive grotto display with a golden throne, where clients and staff could take photos and enjoy the festive atmosphere.

To ensure the installation was completed in a short amount of time, the JMD Illumination team worked around the clock to install the decorations on each floor. They also used specialized equipment and tools to ensure the design was safe and met all fire and safety regulations.

Overall, the project was a huge success, with the staff and clients of Allstate Belfast office enjoying the festive atmosphere created by JMD Illumination. The unique and creative design of the Christmas trees, the interactive grotto display, and the staff communal area scene brought joy and happiness to everyone who visited the office during the Christmas season.

“JMD Illumination design, supply and install the Christmas decorations at our flagship Belfast headquarter office. Their beautiful, imaginative and creative displays are an annual highlight for staff and visitors to our office. The expertise and friendly approach of the team make it always a pleasure to partner with JMD’’ – James Lavery, Facilities Manager, Allstate Northern Ireland.