Connswater Shopping Centre

Connswater Shopping Centre in east Belfast is one of Northern Ireland’s oldest shopping centres, with the first phase finishing in 1983, and a second phase in 1994. The shopping centre extends to 224,684 sq ft and comprises 47 retail units at ground floor under a covered mall. Key tenants include The Range, Brandmax, SportsDirect, New Look, Argos, Peacocks and Poundland.

The retail park is located immediately north east of the shopping centre and extends to 132,909 sq ft comprising 18 retail warehouse units. Key tenants include McDonalds, Starbucks, Tim Hortons and KFC. Connswater ‘s mall interior décor is very typical of the period it was built. Featuring lots of structural timber beams and woodwork finishes throughout.

Our scheme would have to blend with all the different finishes and colouring already present in the malls. Convincing the centre management that we could transform their Christmas experience/presence and events. The whole centre needed new decorations as those in use previously were very tired with lots of lights no longer working etc and were not professionally designed therefore the money invested previously was wasted as the decorations didn’t really suit the centre.

We created a scheme featuring a theme of Bespoke Giant 3D White Snowflakes, a luxurious mix of warm white LEDs with occasional hints of pure white highlights and included a few luxurious green Christmas Trees decorated with the warm white/pure white elements.

The colouring of these items enhanced rather than clashed with the centre’s periodical interior décor. A brand new Grotto featuring an animated display of Santa’s Little Helpers with a giant 1.50m Gift Box full of toys and presents was also provided for just inside the entrance to Wow visitors as they entered the mall.