Can we decide when we want everything taking down?2023-04-25T11:24:18+00:00

At the time of your installation we will discuss your preferences for when you want everything taking down and storing.

Can I add more decorations/lights after the installation should I want them?2023-04-25T11:23:23+00:00

Our diary is always completely full once we get to the beginning of November so typically the answer would be ‘no’. It is important that you read the proposal very carefully to ensure that you will have everything you want. Of course if it is possible to squeeze in your extra requirements we will do our best to do so but it may not necessarily be right away.

Do we have to be home for the installation?2023-04-25T11:23:02+00:00

Not at all. We can work hand in hand with your caretaker or property management company so that you can arrive home after an installation is complete and everything is ready for you. Someone will need to be present to ‘sign off’ the installation.

Will I need any electrical work carried out on my home before an installation?2023-04-25T11:22:26+00:00

This depends. If your home has external power then probably not. We can lead extensions from the inside through an open window or under a garage door. If you choose to or if it is unavoidably necessary we can install external power. This is done by our qualified and insured electricians at an extra charge.

What happens if our lights go our after they are installed?2023-04-25T11:21:44+00:00

It is highly unlikely that this will happen but by their very nature light bulbs can fail. Our lights are designed so that if one bulb goes out the rest will not be affected. If a large section go out due to product failure then we will call out to rectify them.

Is there likely to be any damage to our property if installing outdoor lights.?2023-04-25T11:21:12+00:00

We do need some means of fixing lights, wreaths and garlands so we do need to attach fixings. However we are very conscious about making the minimum impact.

Will you install lights in my house that I already own, which were not supplied by JMD Illumination?2023-04-25T11:20:34+00:00

Unfortunately not. We cannot guarantee their quality or be responsible for them working through the duration of their installation.

So, I’ve had a look around this site, like the idea of it, what next?2023-04-25T11:19:43+00:00

Give us a call or email to discuss any questions or concerns you may have. We will then arrange a visit to the premises to be decorated. Our standard call out charge for consultations is £100/€120 + VAT, which is later deducted from your final bill if you purchase any JMD Illumination products/services. Alternatively, you can send us a digital photograph/video by email if you are looking to have the exterior of a building lit. We’ll put forward suggestions and ideas and you can also let us know what your preferences are or any ideas you may have come up with. We have a vast portfolio of pictures and ideas. Once we’ve agreed on the decor and lighting we’ll put you in our diary for an installation and takedown date that suits.

I have a commercial property, what can you do?2023-04-25T11:19:13+00:00

An outdoor installation can consist of the following; We can use icicle lights, garlands, or wreaths on the exterior, illuminate larger trees either by wrapping each branch with lights or using rope-light motifs and other exclusive products, and add curtain lights on glass features.

Inside, we can dress large doorways and entrances with hand crafted garlands and wreaths. We can install luxury trees inside to suit the size of the room, specifically decorated according to a particular theme or colour. We also provide interactive displays with grotto characters, golden thrones, and Christmas themed characters which are fantastic photo opportunities to boost engagement with customers and staff.

For larger properties such as shopping centres, please get in touch and a member of team would be happy to discuss bespoke options.

What is the difference between your products and the ones bought in shops?2023-04-25T11:18:34+00:00

Our lights are of a commercial standard and of the highest possible quality. Lots of our décor is hand crafted by ourselves and we use unique handmade products from workshops in Europe. Most of our suppliers make commercial grade products which you won’t even find in luxury department stores or DIY stores in Ireland/Northern Ireland.

What type of budget can you accomodate?2023-04-25T11:08:19+00:00

For supplying products, we have no minimum spend and you can check out our product range on our e-store.

For decorating services which require installation/dismantling, and storage, our minimum project bid is £1,500/€1,650 + VAT. This is due to the resources incurred for both installation and dismantling for machinery/equipment, travel, storage, packaging, maintenance, repairs, and design costs.

Who uses a service like this?2023-04-25T11:07:10+00:00

Commercially, our biggest customers are hotels, restaurants and other public buildings that are often very busy at Christmas and want to impress their customers and visitors.

How many years have you been doing this?2023-04-25T11:06:29+00:00

JMD Illumination (Previously trading as Carolyn Adams Displays) has a combined experience of over 25 years in the decorating business. We have become  market leaders in providing a ‘one stop shop’ service which includes consultation, supply, installation, removal, and storage.

What areas of Ireland/Northern Ireland do you cover?2023-04-25T11:03:05+00:00

We operate a nationwide service across the island of Ireland with regional offices in Belfast, Dublin, and Limerick.


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